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Equilibrium Forum 2013

The Second Annual Equilibrium Capital Forum is an invitation-only industry leading conference on real asset investments and sustainability. Each year, Equilibrium Capital brings together prominent institutional investors, thought leaders, pioneers and domain experts in sustainable agriculture & food, renewable resources, and sustainable real estate. For further inquiries, please contact

Equilibrium Capital: Sustainability-Driven Real Assets

Dave Chen, Equilibrium

Inflection point in real assets

Dave Chen, Equilibrium
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New portfolio management – deconstruction back to risk buckets

Allan Emkin, Pension Consulting Alliance

Measuring total impact – a new language for decision making

Malcolm Preston, PwC’s Global Sustainability Practice

A clean energy future: getting it done

Hal HarveyEnergy Innovation

What’s new in renewable energy

Raimond Grube, Element Power

Maximizing value from wastewater resources

Ben VitaleWastewater Capital Management

Moving the needle, helping Hawai’i achieve prosperity

Grant McCargo, Bio-Logical Capital
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Natural resource investing — Why Laplace & LDI support a diversified allocation

Peter Hand, Broadspring Economics
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Discussion with Alan Hayes on risk management across the herd

Alan HayesAustralian Pastoral Funds Management
Jay PierrepontEquilibrium

A new approach to timber

Matt Donegan, Forest Capital Partners

Global resources: Where the real asset market is going

Rodney LakeThe Lake Group
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A perspective on the permanent crop agriculture market

Tom AvinelisAgriculture Capital Management
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Attractive returns in green real estate

Brent Gaulke, Gerding Edlen
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An investor’s perspective on real assets

Doug Evans, Abbot Downing
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The Investment Opportunities and Challenges in Green Real Estate

Denis Hayes, Bullitt Foundation