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Equilibrium 4-Phase Product Development Process

Research Drives Our Innovation & Products

Equilibrium invests a significant portion of its corporate assets in proprietary research in each of our sectors.  Our research looks for trends where resource availability, and demand are causing shifts in market prices and relative power in the supply and value chain. We look for market, capital, and information inefficiencies.  We screen for market growth, operating risk, and opportunities for scale.  Lastly, we build a best-in-class team of investors and operators with on-the-ground experience unlocking value with clear understanding of the untapped sustainability value.

Insights for new strategies can come from many sources, including our active portfolios, our network, our on-the-ground partners, and the next generation innovators in these sectors.  We combine these raw insights with disciplined methodical research to determine the repeatability, scalability, returns characteristics, risks, and maturity of the assets and the managers in that sector and thesis.

Our proprietary research informs our product development decisions, and helps us clearly understand the difference between market enthusiasm and investable substance.

Our intensive sector research and investment thesis projects help us to develop our broad and deep network in each sector, understand the regulatory levers and challenges, and build our asset/transaction pipeline and sources.

We actively share our research and insights with our investors and network. We believe the best actionable insights are built on collaboration, feedback, connecting-the-dots, and iteration.

Our Product Development Focuses on Real Asset Strategies  

The risks and costs of natural resource constraints and increasing demand can drive value and opportunity. Real asset investment strategies can offer investors a number of additional benefits:

  • Consistent and enhanced current income
  • Uncorrelated to other major asset classes
  • Long-term risk-adjusted returns
  • Source of inflation hedge

We develop investment structures that we believe are designed to deliver these advantages to institutional investors.