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Equilibrium Sustainability Principles

At Equilibrium, sustainability drives economic value, portfolio advantage, outperformance, and intentional positive impact on our environment and community. 

We are guided by five core sustainability principles:

1. Operating assets for long-term productivity

Managing and stewarding resources such that assets will produce value today and over the long term.

2. Building resilience

Maintaining and enhancing the quality and productivity of assets in the midst of changing economic and ecological conditions. Building redundancy, healing, and learning into the way we work, the assets we manage, and the systems we build.

3. Efficiencies from appropriate integration

Finding opportunities where re-use, reduce, replace, re-cycle & up-cycle can be applied to create value. Often, we need a whole systems view and flexibility to re-orient value flows. Sustainability is about finding the waste and “nickels” that fall into the cracks between silos and business models.

4. Purpose needs scale

Transforming the planet into sustainable prosperity through markets means building “Archimedes’ lever”: market solutions that are scalable and repeatable, for all of us.

5. Humility

Committing to continuous learning and the willingness to make, admit and correct mistakes.  We are working within the most complex human, economic, and natural systems: we do not “know” the answers, we can only try our best.

“Do you know how you can tell when someone is truly humble? I believe there’s one simple test: because they consistently observe and listen, the humble improve. They don’t assume, ‘I know the way.’”  —Wynton Marsalis

Our Values

As investment managers, operators, and global citizens, our values are built on long-term focus, transparency, and stewardship.

The essence of benefit companies: we are in this together. At Equilibrium, across our whole company. With our shareholders and investors. With our suppliers and customers. With the communities we draw on and serve. With the environments we inhabit and affect. We.

Sustainability at our core
Sustainability as our core organizing principle recognizes – and delivers – on the belief that wealth and social and ecosystem health create, sustain, and enable each other. Oriented that way, capital markets can fund at-scale solutions to global challenges and deliver a future of resilient prosperity. Sustainability is not a finish line. It is a value system, to be lived and integrated every day into every function within the organization. Every role in our business is a sustainability role.

Sustainability is dynamic. It requires continuous innovation. We must be humble in our conclusions and restless in challenging our conceptions of what is possible, what is standard, what will be acceptable.

Excellence and execution over long periods of time
Sustained wealth – the ability to deliver life, liberty, and joy today and to the future – is not about a tradeoff between the present and the future. It is the configuration of benefits to all stakeholders that optimally delivers yields today and an even better yields tomorrow.

Community builders
Community magnifies impact. Community extends our power and reach – and gives us access to knowledge, trust, learning, goodwill, and potential that is vastly larger than our own balance sheet.

Do the right thing
We own the responsibility to deliver a robust, resilient, lasting, dynamic equilibrium among shareholders, investors, vendors, customers, employees, communities, and the environment that sustains us all, all of which requires trust. None of it can happen without trust. Trust comes from doing the right thing, especially when it is hard.