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Sustainability drives our economic value, portfolio advantage, outperformance, and intentional positive impact on our environment and community.

We measure what we do at three levels:

  • Management Company Metrics
  • Cross Platform Metrics
  • Strategy Specific Metrics

Management Company Metrics

B Corp GIIRS Score, Sustainable Development Goals mapping

Our Management Company metrics measure accountability to our values.

Benefit companies produce an annual benefit report. The reports are public. Here are ours:

2016 Equilibrium Benefit Report

2015 Equilibrium Benefit Report

2014 Equilibrium Benefit Report

 Are we taking into account our community, environment, employees, suppliers and customers, while delivering returns from impact?

Cross-Platform Metrics

Our cross-platform metrics measure accountability to overall results.

Are we making a difference, for the wellbeing of people and of our environment?

Strategy Specific Metrics

Our strategy-specific metrics measure accountability to detailed results, and respond broadly to investor requirements in specific asset types.

Are we delivering the positive impact our strategies are designed to deliver? 


SASB Reporting. Besides reporting what we do, we are committed to develop the financial reporting that shows how sustainability relates to economic value, portfolio advantage, and performance.

To this end we have joined the SASB Alliance.

We are using SASB’s methods in developing the pathways and systems to integrate material, decision useful sustainability data in our annual financial reports.

In doing so, we will also be addressing the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure, which SASB is integrating.

Sustainable Development Goals.  Need is the parent of innovation.  The Development Goals are a shared global view of what the human community needs to thrive.

Paying attention to that work provides us insight into useful shape for innovation, in both subtle and broad ways.

Showing how our work relates to the SDGs provides our investors insight into the scale and persistence of needs our sustainable designs help address.

Henceforth we will map our work to the SDGs.


Equilibrium Capital® Sustainable Investment