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Andrew Turner
1 Mar, 2016. 0 Comments. . Posted By: nkyuzon

Andy guides the activities of Northern Lights with respect to organizational priorities. Prior to co-founding Northern Lights, Andy ran the investment and research function at the Frank Russell Company (“Russell”). In that capacity he built and led a 100+ person investment team for the firm with offices in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Toronto, San Francisco and New York. While leading this team, Andy encouraged the development of Theory Directed Research, and created the infrastructure and culture necessary to systematically collect data on over 10,000 management meetings to quantitatively demonstrate the power of this novel approach. The experience of helping build Russell’s global investment business provided direct exposure to the unique needs and challenges involved with motivating investment professionals and creating long-term sustainable investment environments. Perhaps most importantly, Andy was one of a handful of senior leaders who can be credited with creating one of the most powerful investment cultures in the industry. Andy is a member of the Company’s Investment Board.

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