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Matt Curran
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Matt is a Principal at Equilibrium and is on Equilibrium’s institutional fundraising team, and works to provide capital market advisory services to Equilibrium’s asset managers and strategies.

Matt has the core belief that the Equilibrium platform matches his convictions. This platform offers his clients an opportunity to invest in alpha generating, real asset strategies. These strategies focus on solving significant issues that our world is facing (or will face) regarding resources that are severely constrained, such as water, food, land and energy. These long term strategies have been developed to have an impact on a client’s portfolio and on many generations to come.

Matt Curran holds a strong conviction that long term investment strategies can generate meaningful returns. These returns will have a significant impact on his clients’ portfolio and most importantly the end beneficiaries.

Prior to joining Equilibrium, Matt spent 13 years at Pantheon; one of the first global private equity fund-of-funds. At Pantheon he started on the US Operations team where he soon managed a team that looked after client reporting, audits, valuations and performance. In 2005, Matt joined the Client Services where he became Vice President and was responsible for client service and sales.

Matt serves as:

  • Committee member of the PTC Initiative.  This Initiative focuses on financing, developing and constructing under developed urban areas lacking community resources.

Matt graduated from the Norwich University with a BS degree in Business and a minor in Finance and Accounting.

Skype: curranmr

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