Erick Hunt

Erick Hunt

Erick is a member of the Construction & Asset Management team at Equilibrium’s water, waste, and energy funds focusing on the operational management, optimization, reliability, and performance  of the portfolio’s facilities.  He comes with 8 years of experience in infrastructure asset management, environmental consulting, operations maintenance, and regulatory oversight.

Prior to joining Equilibrium, Erick was with Puttman Infrastructure where he participated with a team to construct, commission, and operate a portfolio of distributed water reuse systems.  The Hassalo on 8th – Natural Organic Recycle Machine “NORM”,  Portland Metro  MBBR water recycle system located at the OHSU Rehabilitation Center and the Port of Portland constructed tidal wetland located at the headquarters building are award winning facilities where Erick gained experience and insights in sustainable practices, green infrastructure,  and water recovery.

Prior to Puttman Infrastructure, Erick was with Clean Water Services Rock Creek Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility. Clean Water Services is a national leader in environmental wastewater stewardship and investment in advanced treatment processes such as Ostara, a Phosphorous harvesting system designed to create a renewable pelletized fertilizer. Erick gained operational insights and program practices at the municipal level which can be leveraged into cost saving and best management practices for the portfolio assets.

Erick graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelors in Business and Economics and holds professional licensure in wastewater and alternative treatment methods. He enjoys cycling, golfing, and going on neighborhood walks with his wife and daughter.