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“What happens when societies grow to the point they stress the carrying capacity of the ecosystems on which they depend?”

Bill is a Principal of Equilibrium, serving as the Head of Sustainability and Structuring as well as Equilibrium’s General Counsel. He heads up our work in sustainability measurement and methodologies, and is responsible for defining the structuring of our investment vehicles. Bill has been responsible for our IP development and public policy work to develop innovative financing structures in energy efficiency.

Bill’s engagement with sustainability and energy efficiency dates back to the start of his professional career, as a lawyer with what is now the Ater Wynne firm. He practiced at the intersection of Ater Wynne’s substantial energy practice and its venture startup practice. He served as general counsel to companies in technology, from startup to IPO to public company — Pixelworks, TriQuint, and others. And in the early 1990s Bill was counsel to the first “conservation utility,” Microgrid — a full spectrum energy efficiency company providing solutions on a local utility model.

In his practice at Ater Wynne, Bill worked with companies in energy efficiency, on-site energy generation, solar and wind power, public and investor-owned utilities, and building systems. He was partners with, and developed new ventures and businesses, with pioneers in the energy field, including the first general counsel of the Bonneville Power Administration; the “Northwest Natural” CEO’s development of the first-of-its-kind decoupled rate structure; the architects of innovative legal structures surrounding wind energy and various utility-scale entries into “clean” technologies, from hydro to “clean coal”; the energy trading innovators who redefined west coast energy markets, and leading players in the cogeneration transactional and finance field at utility scale.

Bill serves as:

  • Board member Energy Resource Management Corp (ERM)
  • Board member, QualityLogic
  • Board member, TiE Oregon
  • Building Energy Efficiency Fund task force (Living Cities and Center for American Progress, conveners)
  • Member, Emerald Cities — national efficiency study group.
  • Executive committee, TechAmerica (Oregon Chapter); (formerly American Electronics Association), Executive Committee, Oregon Chapter, 2005 to present, Oregon Chapter Membership Chair, 2001 to 2002, Oregon Executive Council, 1996 to 1998
  • Venture Oregon, Organizing Committee
  • Oregon Biotechnology Foundation
  • Member, Oregon China Committee — gubernatorial appointment
  • Board member, Acting chair, Acting executive Director, Oregon Trade and Marketing Center — Gubernatorial appointment also — 1987 – 1993

Bill received his B.A. and J.D. from Yale University (1975, 1979)

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