Equilibrium is a leading sustainability-driven asset management firm that develops sustainable finance and active ESG strategies in sustainable food & agriculture and carbon transition infrastructure.

We were founded in 2008, with a mission, to transform our planet into shared sustainable prosperity through capital markets.

Equilibrium has made a commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


Sustainability Framework 2.1

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Equilibrium and US pension back Butterfly’s aquaculture business

Equilibrium is excited to announce its first foray into aquaculture via a loan to Butterfly Equity’s portfolio company, Pacifico, which will support the construction of a 20,000 metric-ton striped bass nursery in Baja, Mexico.

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Finka’s dedication to Data Driven Growing

Equilibrium’s Mexican greenhouse asset, Finka, talks about its experience leveraging data-driven solutions in a recent customer story from RII member Let’sGrow.com.

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Decarbonization Drive Draws Capital To The Agri-infra Nexus

Equilibrium’s Managing Director of Controlled Environment Funds, Nick Houshower, is quoted in this article highlighting the connection between our two main strategies- carbon transition and agriculture. Growing attention to agriculture and its climate effects will continue to draw capital into the value chain.

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