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Equilibrium innovates and manages sustainability-driven real asset investment strategies and products for institutional investors.

Sustainability Framework 2.1

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Equilibrium releases its Focus on Social Sustainability

Understanding social impact is critically important to operational success and investor returns. In this article, Equilibrium summarizes its thinking around reporting on the human aspect of the firm’s Sustainability Framework 2.1.

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Deep dive on the economics of greenhouse growing — Podcast and takeaways

Episode 35 of Tip of the Iceberg Podcast features an interview with Nick Houshower of private equity firm Equilibrium, a major investor in the greenhouse produce space, including with Little Leaf Farms, Revol Greens, AppHarvest and Houwelings.

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Understanding the Rapidly Evolving World of Sustainable Finance

Sustainable finance has officially gone mainstream. As of 2019, $30.7 trillion is held in sustainable or green funds, representing a third of all assets under management. And the share is growing quickly, with many funds reporting record flows into sustainable investment products during the first half of 2020.

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