Our Firm

Since 2008, Equilibrium has been committed to innovating and managing sustainability-driven real asset investment strategies and products for institutional investors.

We believe sustainability creates economic value and portfolio advantage.

Sustainability is seeing and expressing the value in reduction, re-use, recycle and resilience.

Sustainability is risk management and adaptation in a changing climate and society.

Sustainability drives alpha returns from and with intentional positive impact in our environment and community.

Sustainability is growth, opportunity, and advantage.

We build proprietary sustainability driven real assets investment portfolio and active ESG strategies in two sectors:

  • Agriculture & Food
  • Carbon Transition Infrastructure

These sectors are being transformed and reshaped by:

  • Technology
  • Climate adaptation and resilience
  • Changing consumer usage patterns
  • Net-zero and climate adaptive corporate strategies

These sustainability drivers are coming together, shifting the value chain, redefining the points of control, and driving new business models. Our proprietary research translates these trends into investable assets and strategies.

Our firm is organized around four functions:

  • Innovation and research to deliver unique scalable investment product.
  • Management and operations for portfolios of productive real assets.
  • Structuring, administration, and reporting on our portfolio performance, delivering transparency, returns, sustainability, and continuous improvement.
  • Capital formation to deliver both current returns and future appreciation.

With offices in San Francisco, Portland, Singapore, and London, we serve a global group of institutional investors.