Kevin Itson

Facilities Manager, Portfolio Operations

Kevin is Equilibrium’s Shared Facilities Manager for CEFF II Tehachapi Property, LLC. He is responsible for maintaining the operation of shared facilities between Tenants, supporting CapEX projects, and supporting the remaining facility needs to make our tenants successful.

Prior to Equilibrium, Kevin spent more than a decade cultivating high value crops and managing large scale greenhouses with environmental sustainability at the forefront of his approach. Through this experience in the field, Kevin has developed a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in growing crops that are not only profitable but also environmentally friendly.

Kevin’s passion for sustainable agriculture began over twelve years ago when first being introduced to hydroponic farming. Through this exposure, Kevin became efficient in sustainable ways to grow crops.  This led down a path of working with large scale greenhouse operations meticulously focused on the details of every aspect in the growing process, from lighting and temperature to water usage and nutrient delivery.

Kevin separates himself in the industry by finding innovative solutions that benefit both growers, consumers, and operations teams by creating crop management plans tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

Outside of the greenhouse, Kevin enjoys spending time outdoors hiking with family, managing his backyard greenhouse he built for his father, and spending time with his Fiancé.