The Ultimate Guide To Greenhouse Growing With Godfried Dol & Glasshouse Consultancy

Listen to the new podcast that we did with Godfried Dol! He is the founder of Glasshouse Consultancy and has been able to give us all the information we need to grow in this new age of farming.

Incredible episode where we speak about the importance of farming sustainably and the many places on the planet that have been advancing in new greenhouse technologies.

This is the episode if you are looking to gain a better knowledge of the world of growing within a greenhouse and the many travel destinations across the planet that have projects within the greenhouse space.

Our guest Godfried has over 40 years of experience in this field and he was willing to share his knowledge throughout the entire episode. He is truly a visionary and an important part for the future of agriculture.

As we continue to see several changes in the world of agriculture and climate change, we are met with several areas that we can improve from an agriculture standpoint. In this episode, we speak about the men and women across multiple countries (e.g. UAE, Japan, and Kazakhstan) who are doing their part to develop farming future projects with the help of Glasshouse consultancy.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Glasshouse consultancy, Godfried Dol’s new book, and the future of farming, please see the information below:

Guest Information:

LinkedIn: Godfried Dol


New Book: How to Grow in a ModulAir Glasshouse (Available On Glasshouse Consultancy Website)

Host Information:

LinkedIn: Cole Correia


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