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Biogas Market Enters 2023 on Strong Tailwinds

2022 saw a flurry of renewable natural gas (RNG)-related deals, including in anticipation of (and then in response to) the historic Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Sustainability mandates and the growing maturity of RNG-related credit markets, as well as the IRA’s expansion of investment and production tax credits, drove increased transactions and historic valuation.

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Tipping points of volatility: The case for climate-Sharpe ratios

Investors today are grossly overlooking one critical category of volatility: climate change. When investors seek targeted risk budgets and returns by diversifying portfolios — spreading out risk across different asset/risk classes, geographies, and industries — they ignore the fact that climate change threatens all these variables and our understanding of risk at large.

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Equilibrium Capital, Temasek, and the Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments), which is an existing shareholder, have come together to invest in Perfection Fresh, one of Australia’s largest privately owned fresh produce companies.

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This Utah greenhouse can grow 750 acres worth of tomatoes using a fraction of the land and water

The Longvine greenhouse in Mona may be the future of food. This story is part of The Salt Lake Tribune’s ongoing commitment to identify solutions to Utah’s biggest challenges through the work of the Innovation Lab.

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Equilibrium closes industry’s largest Controlled Environment Agriculture fund at $1.022 billion

“There have been boom periods in controlled agriculture, in high tech greenhouses. But even the Dutch industry now realizes something different is happening right now,” says David Chen, CEO with Equilibrium. Today, the company closes the industry’s largest Environment Agriculture fund at $1.022 billion.

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Amid record heat, Equilibrium Capital raises $1 billion for second greenhouse fund

The heat wave made the case more starkly than could any investment pitch deck.

In their offices in Portland, the team at Equilibrium Capital was putting the finishing touches on the real assets manager’s second greenhouse agriculture fund just as the temperature in the Oregon city hit a record-shattering 116 degrees. The Controlled Environment Foods Fund II is itself a record-breaker as Equilibrium’s first billion-dollar fund.

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Five Things for Wednesday, including a $1B fund and America’s top pizza city

It’s a lot of green to grow a lot of greens — and other fruits and vegetables. Portland-based Equilibrium Capital has raised more than $1 billion to invest in a new generation of greenhouse-based agriculture, which advocates say better addresses climate change and other environmental problems tied up with traditional farming.

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