This Utah greenhouse can grow 750 acres worth of tomatoes using a fraction of the land and water

The Longvine greenhouse in Mona may be the future of food. This story is part of The Salt Lake Tribune’s ongoing commitment to identify solutions to Utah’s biggest challenges through the work of the Innovation Lab.

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Dave Chen: Investing in Scale, the Missing Ingredient in Driving Systemic Change

Why It Matters showcases the innovators of the future. We host bold creators, designers, and experts who dedicate their lives to other people and the planet. Our conversations peel back the curtain to discover how they make money while solving problems that traditional innovation has ignored for decades. Come believe in change with us.

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If it was up to you, which would you choose? Both offer a year-round supply of fresh, pesticide-free, locally-grown produce. So, how would you choose between the two?
With the constant hype and appeal of growing vertically, most CEA newcomers tend to choose vertical farms, often thinking of greenhouses as the less innovative method.

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Why lettuce greenhouse sector’s growth is focused in the U.S.

Greenhouses for lettuce and leafy greens are being built at a rapid pace across the U.S. In contrast, in neighboring Mexico there is no similar greenhouse production and in Canada there is very little — the primary exception being 11-acre Whole Leaf Farms located in Coaldale, Alberta.

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AppHarvest Secures $91 Million Financing Arrangement With Equilibrium Capital for Construction of Rapidly Growing Network of High-Tech Controlled Environment Agriculture Facilities

Financing arrangement demonstrates ESG-focused, controlled environment agriculture expert Equilibrium Capital’s ongoing support for AppHarvest’s development plan for 12 high-tech indoor farms by end of 2025.

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